Architecture of Internment: The Build Up to Wartime Incarceration

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"Suitable for Camp" Blueprint of Potential Incarceration Camps in Oregon.


120,000 people of Japanese ancestry, two-thirds of them U.S. citizens, were incarcerated during World War II. This traveling exhibit highlights the role of Oregonians in the decision to incarcerate Japanese Americans and Japanese nationals.

In this exhibit you will see:

- Personal letters and proclamations from Oregonians to Governor Sprague in 1941 and 1942, advocating for the exclusion and incarceration of Oregonian Japanese Americans.

- The Oregon Governor’s response to these letters and proclamations revealing his changing position under political and social pressure.

- Blueprints of potential “Assembly Center” and “Relocation Camp” locations such as race tracks and fairgrounds.

The exhibit is available for use in conjunction with other 75th anniversary events in Oregon and around the country. For more information, contact info(at)


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